Since the 90’s, Emma has achieved international recognition for creative concepts that have revolutionised the entertainment, hospitality, education and music industries. Emma joyfully innovates in each new industry she touches with her exciting and inspired aesthetic.

Emma has a keen instinct for setting a mood and she loves influencing how people feel by creating specific environments for good vibes to flourish. 

Marcus will be your chef. He has spent many years in the world of luxury travel and high end hospitality.

His experience has proven that good food served well, in the company of good people and fine wine, if you care for it, can lift even the heaviest of spirits.

Together they saw an opportunity to create an alternative kind of networking event, one with a focus on bringing new people together from all different worlds, free from the constraints of any traditional demographic.

The Table Club Mallorca is a ‘high vibe and buzzy’ social affair, held in relaxed but visually provocative surroundings, which somehow has the magical effect of making everybody feel at home.